But how come an olive oil’s women association? Everything started when a small group of women producers decided to gather and share common experiences, realities, problems and passions. Other women soon joined them, and the association now counts more than 40 associate members who have in common an interest to promote olive oil culture.

But it's much more than that.

The name itself was created to recall – in addition to the latin word for olive tree, olea - the mythical name of Pandora, the woman-mother-generator (“she who brings all things”, in Greek). When Pandora opened the box the gods had given her to guard, she brought all sorts of troubles to mankind; but she also brought positive things, such as Hope, the only thing she managed to keep shut inside the box. Pandolea, however, is not Pandora

But one thing it's true: in a world such as the olive oil one - perhaps dominated even more than wine by male imprint, but also deeply linked to ancient rural traditions – being a woman can really bring hope.

It is the hope that sensitivity and passion can prevail over mere commerce, the hope that deeper care and attention for tasting can play a higher role and bring to better products, but also that as women - with a natural inclination towards motherhood - we could lead to an increased sensitivity for the environment and landscape, too, moving towards a stronger respect for sustainable agriculture and production.

Thus Pandolea associates share their knowledge, work and experiences to promote olive oil culture in Italy, especially towards young people. They organize activities in primary and secondary schools (especially for students in agriculture, Food & Beverage management or cooking) giving children bread and oil as a healthier snack instead of industrially produced ones, visits farms and oil mills and short tours to discover how olive oil is made. and to explain people how to choose the better product and to known where it comes from.

So, we believe we can bring the main feminine values also in olive oil world. The association founders are olive oil producers themselves. And though the association is open to every woman has a role in the field, the direct link to the producing world is a distinctive issue.

The target of Pandolea is helping young consumers to train their tastebuds to extra virgin olive oil, and to be able choose the quality.



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