The association targets are:

  1. Increase, to develop and to improve female entrepreneurship in small and medium Italian extra virgin olive oil firm producers.
  2. Improve and value: the extra virgin Italian oil of certificated origin and not, derived products, similar and of product chain. To promote firms managed by woman (  excluding  those deal in phases of filling and /or marketing – distribution).
  3. Improve our territories where are made quality production, initiatives to make know the traditions of olive trees and oil culture and artistic, landscape and gastronomic patrimony that characterize all olive growing Italians areas.
  4. Promote the reception in the oil mils in oil firms, inter – sectorial agreements for the development of a tourism relative to oil production, for example with : agritourisms , restaurants and hotels.
  5. Intervene with the competent technical and/or legal bodies why are issued rules and regulations for the protection and regulation  of production and eco – environmental olive oil processes and the food industry.
  6. All activities to reach these targets , as study, publishing initiatives, organization of courses, conferences, conventions that relate the promotion and the disclosure of wine and food of quality, also from a historic / social and cultural point of view and with particular attention to health aspect of extra virgin oil in a correct diet and in prevention of such illness of social importance.
  7. Improve exchanges, national and international opening between countries that produce and use the extra virgin oil.
  8. Establish territorial sections ( local, national or international), with members who live in the geographical area concerned.
  9. Follow the recognition of the Association in any background, in particular that legal

The Association can:

  1. Establish fixed or temporary collaborative relationship, in possible ways, with anyone want to enhance products.
  2. Participate in international, national and local initiatives consistent with the association targets.
  3. Organize and to participate, directly or by means of propulsive actions, to all expected in letter a) of this article.
  4. Take care of training aspect, organizing update, training and qualification activities also in collaboration with others.
  5. Promote and encourage the research for the improvement of oil production quality also in reference to technological process;
  6. Promote and organize tours in firms for operators and journalists.  

Activities to increase the presence of extra virgin oil produce by small and medium Italian Firms for national and foreign trade, are allowed.

The Association can do promotional sales of members’ products.


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